My Story

Submitted by Maureen Doyle


When we first moved to Southbridge, I was about 10 years old, and my grandfather brought us to meet all the relatives. At his brother Raymond's house, my Aunt Cordelia offered my sister and I a 'Coke'. We were elated because we never got to drink soda! My Grandfather knew what they meant, Moxie! So, he whispered to us, "Be polite! If you don't like it, just put it down on the table." Barbara and I took the glasses with eagerness, excited to have a soda. My grandfather just kept glaring at us so we had his words in our heads. After the first surprising sip, we looked at each other, looked at my grandfather, and placed the glasses quietly on the coffee table, making a mental note to always ask," What kind of soda?" when offered one!

Every time I see Moxie at the Big Bunny, I think of my Uncle Ray and Aunt Cordelia and our true initiation into Southbridge!!

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